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· Miracles of Death


Abstract Mexico is a country with a rich history of iconic images widely recognized across Mexico itself and abroad, and by elite nation-builders as well as popular groups. Even without asserting an essentialist perspective, these icons are cultural and visual images believed to represent core elements of Mexican history, culture and society....read more


8:45-9:00 Welcome

Morning session

Chair: Anne Martinez(University of Groningen)

9.00-9.15 Opening of Seminar by Gerry Wakker

9:15-9:30 Opening words by Wil Pansters (University of Groningen

9:30-9:55 Benjamin Smith (University of Warwick)

9:55-10:20 Andrew Chesnut (Virginia Commonwealth University)

10:20-10:40 Break

10:40-11:05 Jose Carlos Aguiar (Leiden University)

11:05-12:30 Comments by Martijn Oosterbaan and general discussion

12:30-13:30 Lunch Break

Afternoon Session

Chair: Bob de Jonge (University of Groningen)

13:30-13:55 Juan Antonio Flores (Universidad de la Castilla-La Mancha)

13:55-14:20 Anne Huffschmid (Free University of Berlin)

14:20-15:00 Comments by Noala Finnegan and general discussion

15:00-15:15 Break

Chair: Kees Konings (Utrecht University)

15:15-15:40 Regnar Kristensen (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

15:40-16:05 Laura Roush (El Colegio de Michoac√°n, Mexico)

16:05-17:00 Comments by Wil Pansters and general discussion